Thursday, June 23, 2011

Benefits of bowling

tengah duk melayan cik google,tetibe jmpe la article nie...besh la juga layankan..he3...hincik pakwe..jom kite g men bowling..bley turunkan berta badan taw..he3.. i like..skang kn tgh berusaha keras...n bley kurangkan stress.. i like juge,,nk entam same pin bowling cm hentam masalah2 negara tu seme..hoyeah~~njoy reading ea...

Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a game that is enjoyed by about 95 million people all over the world. In this game each player rolls a bowling ball on a flat surface in an attempt to score points. The surface is usually made up of wooden or synthetic material. The main target of the player is either to hit objects known as pins or to catch close to another ball considered as a target. There are many kinds of bowling, and the most recent is the ten-pin bowling. The game continues to grow via entertainment mediums like video games and hand held devices. The many benefits of bowling are:

1.Promotes the growth of body muscles.

The bowling sport is a kind of an anaerobic exercise that promotes the growth of body muscles. During the game you build up your leg muscles when you are approaching the foul line. Holding the ball in your hand helps to develop the muscles of the arms.

2.Excellent exercise for the body.

During the game you are not only building your muscles, but also stretching them. This improves the overall flexibility of the muscles. Swinging your arm for rolling down the ball on the lane, you exercise on your joints, tendons, and ligaments.

3.Helps in weight loss.

Every movement in the game helps in burning body calories. Thus bowling is a good exercise that helps in weight loss. Bowling just three games offers you the advantages of the workout done at a gym.

4.Social benefits of bowling.

Bowling is a game that cannot be played alone. It thus helps in building relationships and friendships with new people with whom you play the game.

5.Healthy heart.

Relationships and friendships build during this sport helps in better performance of heart muscles. Bowling thus promotes a healthy heart.

6.Helps in relieving stress.

In this high competition world of today stress is a part of our lives. Bowling occupies the time when we feel this stress and engages us in physical activity. Socializing with people during the game, acts as a mental stress reliever.

This particular sport of bowling has remained at the top of all sports. The many reasons for it are firstly, it is an extremely flexible sport. Secondly, it encourages easy adjustment methods and this is why it is liked by most children and adults. In the opinion of 95% bowlers, it is can be exploited for recreation, relaxation, competitive nature and a societal factor. The simplicity of this game is making it a favorite sport of people all over the world.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

selamat hari bapa

selamat hari bapa kepada semua warga

ayah,bapa,papa,daddy,babah,pak etc...

xlupe wat my papa..epy father's day papa..

actually kterang dh celeb8 awal dh...

awal tersgt kot..time saya blik cuti ri tu..

time tu la kterang nk gathering..

pas bincang nk beli kek..

kami sepakat beli secret recipe je..

banana father's fav taw...

actually nk beli baskin

xjd coz susah nk order seme kn..

owh..lupe plak...

kek banana choc utk 2org yg bergelar ayah...

iaitu my papa..n my bro in law..abg im...

kami celeb8 simple2 jew...

ni la kek father's day utk papa n abg im

kami jez celeb8 ng kek je..coz be4 dat kami dh g mkn kat chicken rice shop..sgt sedap..

menjilat jari...smpai gem0k shaye..

shaye dh la tgh diet skang nie..

malangnye adik laki shaye kije...

kami celeb8 tanpe die...

lupe plak..time celeb8 nie..hincik pakwe ad juge..

hincik pakwe ckp..die xbiase tradisi cm fmly sy nie..

ye la..kami 1family akan celeb8 ape2 hari pn..hari jadi,hari ibu,hari bapa,hari ulang taun perkawenan

fmly hincik pakwe xpenah wat cmtu..accept for his little n d only sister..

kepada hincik pakwe..sile biasekan diri anda yerk..

2 insan bergelar ayah..papa n abg im

actually xde pe sgt pn nk ckp...

jez sy nie byk ikut perangai papa shaye kot..

saya agak baran..suke masak..banyak cakap..

cume kulit je xsame..hahaha..

saya pn suke bebel-bebel...

papa pn xtahan klu shaye bebel..

shaye slalu ckp kt papa..haaa,bagi sepah..penat wani kemas..

ti,papa saya pn akan kemas blik brg die..he3...

dan adik beradik saya ckp..saya anak kesygan papa saya..

bagi saya..itu dusta semata-mata..

saya penah je kne marah ng papa...

mana ada papa sayang saya..

papa sayang semua skali anak die la..

skang papa sayang raisya nur haneesa lebey...

ye la..1st grandchild die kn...

banyak kenangan waktu kecik ng papa taw..

apa garang mcm saya..

dulu kecik2 saya nakal..slal0 gado ng kakak n adik laki saya..

taw x apa papa wat???

die akan lagakan kepala saya ng org yang saya gad0 tu..

taw xperasaan die cmne??

pening tu wa cakap lu..

otak rase cm gegar cm jelly taw..


sbb tu skang saya ckp kt papa...

klu x saya pandai..tapi papa dh gegarkan kepala saya..

jadila cm skang,,

ok la..xde idea la nk tulis pe...

owh adik ku yg menyibuk..jelez elihat kami kamcing